Letter to the Editor

Someone needs to listen

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am the original caller who suggested that most people are happy with government-run Medicare. I also understand Marlena Jones' frustration with respect to Medicare not covering her antigen drops but opting instead to cover the more expensive allergy injections. This makes absolutely no sense.

I also take antigen drops. I have my insurance coverage through an employer that tries very hard to get the best possible insurance deal for employees, even if it means changing companies every year. This is great, but it has meant that, some years, I have suddenly ended up with insurance that pays nothing at all on antigen drops, so that the cost to me has suddenly risen from a $20 co-pay to more than $250. And if you have ever tried to reason with an insurance company, you know that protesting such a situation is almost always futile. You are wasting your breath.

But President Obama has specifically asked that, under national health care, patients will report such situations as this in which the system could in one stroke save money, better treat the patient and get insurance companies out of the driver's seat in medical decision-making. I am looking forward to the day when Ms. Jones and I can, if necessary, point out such absurdities to someone who will, for a change, be happy to listen.

IDA DOMAZLICKY, Cape Girardeau