Sikeston seeks public input on new railroad, pet regulations

Friday, August 14, 2009 ~ Updated 10:19 AM

SIKESTON, Mo. -- A special meeting of the Sikeston City Council will be conducted Monday for public comment on creation of a Railroad Quiet Zone. Also on the agenda is requested legislation requiring all domestic animals in Sikeston to be spayed or neutered, the Standard Democrat newspaper reported.

"Due to the potential impact of requested legislation the City Council is calling a special meeting to provide them an opportunity to thoroughly examine these issues and obtain input from interested citizens," said City Manager Doug Friend.

Monday's meeting will be at 7:15 a.m. in Council Chambers at Sikeston City Hall, 105 E. Center Street.

Earlier this year, representatives of the Sikeston Area Humane Society and local veterinarians proposed legislation to address the community's growing population of unwanted cats and dogs.

The legislation, if adopted, would make it unlawful for residents of Sikeston to own or care for cats or dogs over the age of six months which were not spayed or neutered. Special exceptions would be in place for animals whose health would be jeopardized by the spay/neuter procedure and breeders of service animals or operators of commercial kennels.

City Engineer John Chittenden will be present at Monday's meeting to provide an overview of the Railroad Quiet Zone project.

If the city proceeds with the project, trains would no longer be required to blow their horns as they pass through town.

To compensate for removal of this safety measure, however, special railroad crossings must be constructed. Roadways would be widened at Salcedo Road, North Street and Ruth Street. Concrete medians would be constructed and signal gates/lights would be upgraded and relocated at all railroad crossings.

Also, the Missouri Department of Transportation and Burlington Northern Railroad propose closing the William and Ruth Street railroad crossings as part of the Quiet Zone Project.

While these closures have generated concern from the Sikeston Department of Public Safety and residents of Ward 4, keeping these crossings open would increase the city's cost for the project to over $1.1 million.

For more information, contact Linda Lowes, director of governmental services, at 471-2512 or by e-mail at

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