Speak Out 8/14/09

Friday, August 14, 2009

Paying the bills

I live in Jackson, and my utility bill was $48 more than it was last month. I made a conscious effort not to use so much electricity this month. I thought I was fortunate to escape the outrageous fees of AmerenUE, but I guess I was wrong. I lost my job last month, and we are having a hard time with our bills. You would think in times like these the people we voted for would do something to help but it seems like they would rather kick us while we're down.

Street work

REGARDING the street repairs in Cape Girardeau: They are long overdue. The streets in Cape Girardeau are so rough that you have to dodge chugholes to get around. It's about time the city started taking care of the streets and making this a better and safer place to drive.

Can't see in

I think tinted windows that keep you from seeing the drivers of vehicles should not be legal.

Health choice

I don't know where everyone gets the idea that government-run health care is going to be forced on everyone. President Obama said that if you like the health care coverage that you already have, keep it. The government is not going to force you to give up your private health insurance. If you enjoy paying sky-high insurance premiums, keep on paying them. The government option is for people with no health insurance coverage and to complete with private insurance companies to keep premiums lower. The government wants to give Americans a choice about health-care coverage.

They're Republicans

I am tired of Republicans pretending to be Democrats. There was a comment from someone who said that he and his friends are all Democrats and do not want the government intruding anymore than it already has in the area of health care. They are not Democrats. They are Republicans.

Happy pictures

I want to thank semissourian.com for letting people submit their own photos to view online and putting a selection in the Sunday paper. It is refreshing to see such happy pictures and smiling faces as we face our day-to-day struggles with the economy and war. Keep up the good work.

Highway comment

THIS is a response to the comment about the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge to nowhere. The highway doesn't end at Highway 3. If it wasn't all the traffic from Illinois and Kentucky coming to Cape Girardeau and spending their money, your city would still be using 200-watt light bulbs for street lights. We don't have speed traps things. We have law enforcement officers just doing their jobs.

Helping out

A caller suggested placing food containers at different locations in the city to collect food for the poor and hungry. There are adequate places to make these donations. Food pantries and churches accept food, cash, services, whatever you have to offer for the poor and needy in your community.

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