Letter to the Editor

Health reform: Peace of mind

Friday, August 14, 2009

Federal health reform will affect all Missourians, and so it is imperative that all Missourians have access to accurate information about the policies being discussed. Unfortunately, opponents of reform are injecting misleading claims and outright falsities into the debate, making it difficult for people to understand what this reform will mean for them.

The major components of federal health-care reform provide security and peace of mind for Missouri's families and businesses. New insurance reforms will include restrictions on denying coverage or increasing costs due to pre-existing conditions. And it will provide 135,000 Missouri small businesses with tax credits and affordable health-care options for their employees.

Federal health-care reform will ensure that 92,800 Missouri seniors, and tens of thousands of Missourians with a disability, have access to comprehensive prescription drugs. It will also strengthen Medicaid and ensure low- and middle-income families will have access to health care, even if they lose their job.

All Missourians will benefit from reform that ensures we can get a fair price for health care and have access to affordable insurance choices, regardless of our employment status or medical conditions. Missourians deserve to be given the facts of such a critical policy issue. The Missouri Budget Project has a series of analyses and fact sheets on our website, www.mobudget.org, to make sure that we all have access to this important information.

AMY BLOUIN, Executive Director, Missouri Budget Project, St. Louis