Out of the past 7/25/09

Saturday, July 25, 2009

25 years ago: July 25, 1984

Passengers board flatbed rail cars of the Jackson and Southern Railroad as they participate in the annual Jackson Chamber of Commerce farm tour; the tour makes several stops between Jackson and Delta.

State, area and local politicians, including Gov. Kit Bond, gather at a news conference in Cape Girardeau to push the message: Amendment 6 equals jobs; supporters say the amendment would encourage new industries to move to Missouri.

50 years ago: July 25, 1959

Action taken by the State College Board of Regents this week will limit the number of cars operating on the campus and help curb the campus parking problems; the board adopted a policy which prohibits students with fewer than 12 credit hours from operating a motor vehicle on the campus or adjacent streets; this means entering freshmen will be unable to operate cars on the campus.

The main body of the First Battle Group of the 34th Division, Missouri and Kansas National Guard, leaves in the morning by train for Camp Ripley, Minn., and two weeks of summer camp.

75 years ago: July 25, 1934

An all-time heat record was set in the Cape Girardeau vicinity yesterday; at Jackson, the maximum temperature was 112 degrees; at Cape Girardeau, the high at the State College was 106 degrees.

Cape Girardeans using commercial ice are buying about 60 tons each day in this heat wave; the usage is running at least 10 percent more than normal; these same Girardeans also are using about 1,500,000 gallons of water daily.

100 years ago: July 25, 1909

Three visiting ministers hold services at Cape Girardeau churches; the Rev. F. Brinkmeyer of Belleville, Ill., occupies the pulpit at the German Methodist Episcopal Church; the Rev. W. Hueschen of Concordia College, St. Louis, preaches in the morning at Trinity Lutheran Church, and in the evening the Rev. George Meyer of Egypt Mills preaches there in English.

L.A. McVey, a farmer of "the Bend" who recently lost about 1,500 bushels of wheat in the flood, was in Cape Girardeau yesterday inquiring about excursion tickets to New Mexico; he is thinking of locating there.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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