Speak Out 7/25/09

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Great neighbors

I would like to thank two great neighbors. He fixed my car, lawn mower and plumbing. She plants flowers for me, gives me desserts and is always ready to listen when I need to talk. They will do anything for me or any of my neighbors. May God bless John and Betty.

Great humanitarian

WITH all news media coverage regarding the passing of Michael Jackson, it disappoints me that we recently also lost another great humanitarian. When he passed away, you could hardly find anything in the news. We never heard another thing about Paul Newman.

Rainbow promise

A rainbow in the sky, according to the Bible, is a sign of God's promise that the world will never be destroyed by a flood again.

Highway grass

I'M a motorcyclist. I think there should be a law against blowing grass onto a road, even in rural areas. When you go over cut grass with your motorcycle, it comes up in your face. Maybe the property owner would be held responsible if there's a bike wreck.

No photos

I don't think pictures of sexual molesters should be published in the paper. Sometimes I want to scream when I'm watching the news on sexual predators. It makes you sick. You wonder if there's ever a day of normalcy that will go by. Adding pictures isn't going to help.

Wonderful person

THE article about Marcie Sullivan with the Glenn House was just wonderful. She is a lovely woman. Everyone should know that she volunteers hours in the basement at Birthright clothes for children and babies to be given out there. She's truly a blessing to any organization that she graces.

Trail danger

LET me tell you how dangerous the hiking and biking trail in Jackson is on Oak Street. I just saw two young boys riding their bicycles down the trail to cross Elwanda Drive like no traffic would cross their path. A tragic accident was narrowly avoided. Parents, warn your children about this hiking and biking trail. It's nothing more than a sidewalk.

Relative coverage

THE coverage of the death of CBS News anchorman Walter Cronkite compared to the saturation coverage given Michael Jackson tells me that the pursuit of entertainment trumps the pursuit of news. Speak Out's ongoing success is attributable to the fact that it blurs the distinction between the two while consistently offering insight into the minds of the seriously disturbed.

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