Clarification 7/15/09

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In the July 10 police report, Richard Cason, 818 Themis St., Cape Girardeau, was reported to have been issued a summons for "indecent exposure." Cason has requested the newspaper print the full charge. In a letter to the newspaper, which included a copy of the summons, Cason writes: "The charge against me printed in Friday's paper is incorrect by way of omission. The charge on the ticket reads "indecent exposure by representing the act of urination [in a alleyway next to C.P. McGinty Jewelers].'" Cason writes: "My immediate concern are the dozens or so people who have asked me about this and are assuming the worst. The reason they are assuming the worst is because they only had two words to go on -- not the complete charge. Embarrassment I can handle." The Southeast Missourian is happy to make this clarification known.