Letter to the Editor

Natural climate trends

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alan Journet recently tried to debunk any other findings or opinions regarding the so-called global-warming scare being pushed by Al Gore.

Accurate history records show a pattern of warming and cooling, not just a total warming trend. Mankind's input to the warming or cooling of the earth is a tiny fraction of continuing natural changes.

If Mr. Journet would research temperatures from the first recordings, he would find various temperatures equal to or exceeding the present readings. A good example to look at is the early 1930s. We would suggest Mr. Journet stay with the many other areas in which he considers himself to be an expert.

We would further suggest he look up the definition of the word "crock," which he uses. According to Webster's dictionary, "crock" is defined as a thick earthenware pot or jar. If Mr. Journet used the word as a slang or derogatory word, it would seem to us he needs to improve his education or his manners.

JACK L. HURT, Advance, Mo.