Speak Out 1/29/05

Saturday, January 29, 2005

City needs a cleaning

I MOVED from Cape Girardeau several years ago and was recently in back for a visit. I was disappointed to see the amount of trash in the city and on I-55. What has happened to the home I so love? I was ashamed and embarrassed. Is there no pride left in Cape Girardeau? I hope spring cleaning will include the streets, especially Broadway, and the highways leading in and out of Cape. If groups no longer volunteer to clean, how about having those supported by the taxpayers help out? Keep Cape Girardeau clean. It will draw in more tourists and develop more pride in community.

Old fires burn hot

IS IT just me, or does anyone else find it slightly bizarre that some people are still attempting to fight the Civil War? Here we are with possible collapse of the dollar, a war without end, ideologues attempting to eliminate Social Security, and there are people who want to fly the Confederate battle flag. Get with the program. It's the 21st century.

Follow the rules

TO THE disabled person who was told to move out of the fast checkout line because she had too many items: Rules are rules. We all have reasons for wanting to be in that line. Just because someone is disabled does not mean he should be in anymore of a hurry than the rest of us.

Customer rarely right

I FIND it sad that the disabled person was told to get out of line for having 13 items instead of 10. However, I can tell you from working in customer service for the past five years that the customer is rarely right.

Protect the wealthy

IF THE Republican agenda isn't clear to everyone now, then you're not paying attention to what is going on in Missouri or Washington, D.C. Gov. Matt Blunt has announced he wants to cut $626 million dollars from the Medicaid program. Blunt said, "Missourians can no longer afford to have the second most expensive Medicaid program in the United States." My question for the newly elected governor: Would Blunt be willing to hold a town meeting for those who are poor or have lost their jobs along with their medical coverage, look them in the eyes and explain to them why it is not important for them or their children to have medical coverage? The agenda is plain and simple. None of our legislators care about the less fortunate, because they all come from wealthy families. They are there to protect their wealthy friends who helped get them elected.

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