Letter to the Editor

School laid a sound foundation

Saturday, January 29, 2005

To the editor:

I was one of the many children who attended the old Jefferson School during World War II. I remember the great cafeteria in the basement, the pea gravel covering the playground, the discipline the teachers dealt with the whack of a hickory ruler across the back of the hand. I remember bringing my quarters to school to purchase victory stamps. We walked to school every day, even when it snowed. There were no snow days then. We were a pretty close-knit group. Everyone knew one another. We weren't old enough to know what the war was all about, but we supported the effort because we all had brothers, fathers, uncles or cousins in the service.

Jefferson School was an important part of growing up. It helped us in forming opinions and attitudes that served us well during those tough times. I shall forever be thankful for those teachers who guided us and, best of all, taught us the "three R's." Although I no longer reside in Cape Girardeau, it is and always will be my hometown where I became a good citizen. I would hope the current students in Cape schools are as fortunate as we were in having caring and dedicated teachers. I would also like to wish the schools and their new superintendent the best of luck.

LARRY D. SWANN, Kimberling City, Mo.