County commission minutes

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cape Girardeau County Commission minutes from Monday:

* Addendum No. 2 received from Smith & Co. Engineers on Upper Blue Shawnee Creek Bridge.

* Court Orders No. 1 and No. 2 in the matter of adjusting the Road and Bridge and County Revenue 2004 budgets.

* Approved final budget for Fiscal Year 2005.

* County Collector Diane Diebold requested to bid on armored car service on annual basis. The commission asked for more information.

* Highway administrator Scott Bechtold requested solicitation of bids for two motorgraders and the sale of two motorgraders for the highway department.

* Erroneous assessments received from Assessor Jerry Reynolds.

* Cape Girardeau County Detention Center report for November received and filed.

* Memo to elected officials and department heads on 2005 budget expenditures requesting everyone closely examine all expenditures and maintain proper bid documentation.

* Received request from juvenile department in Perryville to buy a typewriter from Tisher's for $374.99. Motion passed unanimously.

* Received report from the Cape Girardeau County 911 Advisory Board.

* Letter from Daniel Tang, Cost Recovery Corp., as follow-up meeting with the commission on Dec. 6.

* Check received from Blue Cross/ Blue Shield for $2,264.94 on drug rebates from March 1, 2003, through June 30, 2003.

* Received listing from Auditor David Ludwig of new equipment requests for 2005.

* Approved bid of Thompson Culvert Company on culverts.

* Letter from National Flood Insurance Program, FEMA Map Coordination Contractor, regarding revision to the flood insurance rate maps.

* Notice from the Southeast Missouri Regional Planning of meeting of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Committee to review and update the goals of the economic development strategy.

* Notice from the Department of Public Safety regarding performance indicator reporting information on the juvenile accountability incentive block grant.

* Information systems office director Eric McGowen appeared before the commission to present quotes on printer and toner cartridges for various printers, copiers, typewriters, fax machines, etc. The commission authorized him to purchase from the eight companies he presented quotes from for a six-month period. The eight companies were PMI, Reliable Ribbon, Innovative Idea, Technology and Networking, Offices Unlimited, Reppert's and Laser Express.

* Letter from Coroner John Clifton to the commission thanking them for allowing him to rent space for a county morgue. Agreement forthcoming.

* A motion to go into closed session regarding litigation.

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