Naturalization Ceremony in St Louis on the 4th of July

Monday, July 6, 2009
Naturalization Ceremony St Louis, Mo July 4, 2009

I will never forget what I saw and heard at the Naturalization Ceremony at the Old Courthouse in downtown St. Louis of July 4th, 2009. I was among hundreds of visitors in the courthouse on that day and was on the first balcony in the rotunda overlooking the 77 candidates.

It was the most inspiring, patriotic event that could ever be witnessed on such a day. The room was filled with optimism and pride in the USA. The spontaneous cheers from us, the observers, as the final words of the oath of allegiance were said, was so overwhelming that each of the 77 had to look all around the building to see where it was all coming from. You could tell from the gratitude and wonder on their faces that they and the officials administering the oath were overwhelmed by the good will that filled the hall.

I am truly proud to be an American.

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