Trinity the Pit Bull Princess

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Everyone should see my Pit Bull and see how they should really respond to kids, adults, other dog or even cats. The latest media report in our area showed these poor dogs treated so very poorly and made to fight one another! If Pit Bulls are treated good, they usually are! Trinity is a therapy dog through the humane society. She has gone through training and testing to be allowed to visit the nursing center, hospitals and even the Boys and Girls Club and The Family Resource Benter for the kids to read to her. As you can see she doesn't mind all the attention I give to her with the tutu, bracelet, nails polished and her flower on her collar. She is my best friend and she makes so many people smile and laugh when she comes to visit! Cameras are her friend, because there are lots of people that have to snap that photo of her in cloths and her beautiful smiling face. She means so much to our family and others who see her on a continual basis.

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