Oxford House

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A structured transition for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics has proved to be effective in helping thousands of individuals to return to productive lives. That's the aim of Oxford House, a concept that has opened 1,200 such homes across the country since 1975. A study last year found that 86 percent of former members were still sober or off drugs after two years. That's an impressive rate of recovery.

An Oxford House served Cape Girardeau from 1990 to 2007. The need for such a facility, especially one for men, continued. With help from churches and community organizations, Amy and Steve Ledbetter re-established the Oxford House in May.

Residents are required to participate in recovery programs, pay rent, do chores and, eventually, contribute to a fund that is used to start another Oxford House. Currently in Missouri, there are 47 homes for men, 12 homes for women and one home for veterans, thanks to Oxford House.

As the community has learned recently about efforts to meet the needs of the homeless, churches and other organizations in Cape Girardeau and the surrounding area have found ways to provide essential support and assistance. Oxford House is yet another example of the community's response when needs arise.

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