Speak Out 6/28/09

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Use for taxes

THERE are a lot of other things I would be willing to establish a tax district for besides an airport that has such little use. How about investing in our youths through educational opportunities like museums, aquariums, planetariums, observatories and activities like the skateboard, water, and off-road parks and bike trails? These are the real quality-of-life issues that make a city attractive. One-time taxes might build some of these things, but the long-term operational and maintenance costs need to be funded as well.

Dirty restroom

I'M calling about Arena Park. I take my daughter there to play ball. She went into the restroom, and it was filthy with no paper towels. I'm a little concerned about how that's kept.

Ethanol danger

I was shocked in reading Sunday's paper about the ethanol train derailment in Rockford, Ill. The people of Scott City should pay attention to this story and feel lucky none of these plants are going to be built in our town. The fire burned for over a day and caused 600 people to be evacuated. There were some deaths. This is a dangerous cargo that passes by our ball fields and our community. Are we prepared for this hazard?

Library computers

JUST because you don't have a computer doesn't mean you lack Internet access. Cape Girardeau's new and wonderful public library has many computers available for public use.

Didn't take the bait

CHARLES Krauthammer and other columnists of his ilk are frustrated because they couldn't goad President Obama into offering overt support for the Iranian protesters and then leaving them in the lurch when the crackdown comes, like we did Hungary in 1956. President Obama handled this situation perfectly.

TV alarm

IT doesn't take many people to pull off a revolution. That's why I am worried about the U.S. Because of the seriousness of the issue, I think we're closer to a revolution that we've been since the 1770s. I came to this conclusion after reading the Southeast Missourian headline that there are a whopping 2.5 million Americans who are not receiving television signals.

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