Letter to the Editor

Admiration for Limbaughs

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I first met Rush Hudson Limbaugh at a Rotary meeting in Cape Girardeau while making up a meeting I missed at my home club in Cairo, Ill. When I signed in, a kind Rotarian seated me with a distinguished man: Rush Limbaugh. He was in his late 90s but bright, knowledgeable and friendly. I liked him. My last visit to the Rotary club in Cape Girardeau was on Limbaugh's 100th birthday.

When I read in the Southeast Missourian that he had practiced law until his death at 104, I was amazed. A man of his stature was a credit to Cape Girardeau.

Two descendants are widely recognized. David Limbaugh has a column that is read and criticized. It is well-written. His ideas are conservative, but even liberals read it to see if there may be something they don't like.

I haven't listened to radio since the advent of TV. From exposure to so many cruel things said about radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh, He may be telling it like it is. His sponsors appreciate his ability to draw huge audiences. They have rewarded him financially.

Someone extolled the value of publicity by claiming any publicity is desirable, even bad publicity. Those who have criticized these descendants of the late Rush Hudson Limbaugh are actually assuring each of them a highly successful career.

IRA HUDSON, Mound City, Ill.