Speak Out 6/26/09

Friday, June 26, 2009

City of trash

I read a comment the other day about all the trash around this town. How true. My 10-year-old grandson was in town last week, and he kept commenting on all the trash as we walked and drove around town. He was amazed at the trash as we walked to the river. The problem is obvious even to a 10-year-old boy. Cape Girardeau is no longer a city of roses. It's a city of trash.

Spay, neuter

THIS goes out to all inconsiderate people who will not spay and neuter your animals. You have got to start spaying and neutering instead of putting your responsibility on somebody else. Why don't you do the right thing and spay and neuter instead of calling a shelter? All the shelters are full.

Turn lanes

THIS is in reference to the intersection changes at Independence Street and Kingshighway with the double left turns. Somebody needs to put some stripes on the pavement so motorists who don't realize there are two left-turn lanes won't sit in the middle and block both lanes for everybody else. A sign would help also.

TV change

I'D like to know what's going on with my television reception. I used to get eight stations. Now I get three Cape Girardeau stations after buying all those gadgets. I don't see how the change benefited anybody. I don't understand why we make life so complicated.

Time for action

CONSERVATION, reclamation and preservation should be our motivation regarding the use of our global environment. Al Gore would be a great ambassador of the U.S. on the world stage. He could negotiate with other industrial nations to address pollution and resource management issues. We must act now to save and restore ecosystems around the globe. Scientists need to brainstorm solutions for the problems we face. We have the brain power. We need action from governments. The populace needs education. A comprehensive agenda needs to be composed to tackle the task. Some say we cannot afford to do this. I say we cannot afford not to do this.

Feeding the planet

A news report stated that 1 billion people on this planet are undernourished. For $365 billion we could feed these people for one year. This amount is one-seventh of the U.S. GDP. If other countries would contribute, we could certainly accomplish this goal. Respect life and have empathy for people who need our help. Starvation is a terrible reality. Why can't we help?

Peaceful assembly

THE news media recently brought to our attention the tragedy of the events of Tiananmen Square 20 years ago. Now we watch as the citizens of Iran demonstrate against what appears to be an unfair election. Our president is saying that people around the world should have the right to peaceful assembly. Isn't it ironic that an elderly priest and several people were arrested recently for trespassing onto Notre Dame University to protest our pro-abortion president? I wonder how much of a threat that frail priest was since the police had to carry him away on a stretcher.

Business help

WHEN are our federal legislators going to step in and help the small-business owners? We are out to make a decent and honest living. I own a small construction company. Every time you turn around, you have the IRS there, OSHA there, workers' comp insurance there, liability insurance there. There's always somebody with his hand out for money. When we do a job, we don't get paid for 30 to 60 days. How are we supposed to pay for all our insurance? How are we supposed to make payroll? Small-business loans at the banks are supposed to help you. You ought to see what you have to do to get one. It seems like it's only for the rich. Something needs to be done to help the small-business guy out. Is there any help out there for hard-working small-business guy?

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