Speak Out 6/25/09

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Health chasm

WE don't have a health-care gap in the U.S. We have a chasm. However, without a public option, health-care reform will be worthless.

Careful cyclists

I agree with the person complaining about the the motorcycles that passed them and roared off. We are motorcyclists. The other day we were passed on the right side by a motorcycle because the rider was impatient. Don't paint all motorcyclists with the same brush. Some of us are careful with how we drive, and then there are others who do that type of stuff.

X-rated TV

TV is so messed up nobody can watch it. Even the commercials are X-rated.

Terrorist list

THE hate crimes bill has been passed by the House. I've been advised that in it is a provision that gives some czar the right to decide who ought to be put on a terrorist list and what to do with them. Already Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's office has indicated that some who are in disagreement with the power base of this administration will be put on the list of potential terrorists and will be watched. Even our troops returning from conflict will be suspect. Should this not be of concern to all of us?

Rude texting

I know you have to be in constant contact with your children, your wife, your husband, your mother, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, but texting at dinner while you're out with someone or in a meeting is just plain rude.

No signal

I find it hard to believe that I'm the only person in Cape Girardeau who cannot receive the KFVS12 signal since the big switchover. I've rearranged my living room, put my antenna by an open window, bought a brand-new amplified antenna, and I'm still not able to get a signal. Is this is the best our government has for us?

Talking at concert

I attended the Cape Girardeau Municipal Band concert June 17. There were two women who talked during the entire concert. That was rude and disruptive to the people wanting to hear the remarks about the music pieces and hear the music. If you want to talk, I would recommend you go to a restaurant or go to each other's homes to visit.

Higher costs

THERE was an article in the paper recently which said Social Security retirees got the largest cost-of-living raise this year at 5.8 percent. What the article didn't say was Part D monthly premiums increased and the supplemental to Medicare increased $10 a month. Also, when I went to get my prescription filled, each one is $5 higher.

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