King Air C-90 Single-Engine Landing at KCGI

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
With it's left engine feathered, the C-90 King Air flares for touch-down at KCGI. The pilot was able to taxi to our parking ramp using the planes's left engine.

KCGI got an un-expected visitor yesterday, when a C-90 King Air dropped in after suffering an engine failure at cruise. The pilot said he suspected that the right engine had lost a turbine blade after it's temparature jumped, followed by an immediate loss of power. He shut down the engine, and was directed to Cape, where he made a normal landing, and taxied to the ramp on his good engine.

The passengers visited with us until they were later picked up by a Citation Jet, dispatched by the owners of the King Air, and continued on to their original destination.

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