Speak Out 6/21/09

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Watching extremists

In light of the shooting of an abortion doctor and the Holocaust Museum shooting, I was saddened to read that the Missouri Information Analysis Center has apparently been badgered by conservatives into suspending reports about the threat posed by far-right extremists. However, I did take heart in learning that law enforcement and intelligence agencies are watching such individuals or groups as closely.

Dangerous signal

REGARDING the stoplights at the entrance to Arena Park on Kingshighway: If you are coming from the park to turn left onto Kingshighway, you have an arrow to turn left. But when traffic is coming across Kingshighway, the left-turn light turns solid green. If a person is not paying full attention, he will turn left into the oncoming traffic, which is what I saw happen and a horrible crash nearly occurred. These lights need to be rethought before someone is killed. I have seen this type of light nowhere else in Cape. Get rid of this light.

Real stimulus

INSTEAD of giving trillions of dollars to corporations and banks, why not give every legal citizen in the United States a million dollars? Just think what it would do. It would eliminate unemployment. Homeowners could pay off their mortgages. This would eliminate the banking crisis. Citizens could pay for their own health needs. This would eliminate the health benefit crisis. They would buy new cars and trucks. this would eliminate the auto industry crisis. The taxes from all they spend would go back to the the government and pay off the national debt. Of course, we wouldn't really be dependent on politicians any more.

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