Everybody's a critic: 'In Good Company'

Friday, January 21, 2005

Three stars (out of four)

The movie "In Good Company" is about 51-year-old Dan Foreman (Dennis Quaid), an ad man who suddenly finds Carter Duryea (Topher Grace), a man half his age, is his new boss.

The film goes on to do a teeter-totter display showing the parallels of both of their lives. As one man is demoted, the other has new overwhelming job responsibilities. As one's personal life falls apart, the other learns he has a baby on the way.

The lead actors are excellent, easily pulling off some of their best and most heartwarming performances. Grace nearly sheds his Eric Foreman persona. The movie manages to equalize comedy and drama, creating a nearly perfect balance.

If you're looking for some interesting characters to spend time with this weekend, Grace and Quaid are definitely good company.

-- Brian McDonald, student

Three-and-a-half stars (out of four)

I walked into "In Good Company" expecting a run-of-the-mill, feel good romantic comedy, per the usual Dennis Quaid standards. This precognition was rudely swept away with the utterance of the phrase, "I'll be your ninja assassin."

It is one of the most well-executed coming-of-age stories to be produced in some time. The film contained numerous long laughs and a fair share of chuckles, with the bare minimum of sappy Aesop-esque moralization Quaid's movies all seem to incorporate.

The acting was superb although Topher Grace, also known as "the kid from 'That 70s Show,'" always seems to play the same misunderstood, awkward, but in the long run, lovable character in everything he's in.

I don't recommend this film to anyone looking for an epiphany, but it's a good time and with the exception of some four-letter words, appropriate for all.

-- Matt Hickle, student

Three stars (out of four)

"In Good Company" is a definite date movie and an excellent coming of age story about discovering who you are and the value of people who stand up for what they believe.

The movie involves a marketing sales manager (Dennis Quaid) who gets demoted when someone half his age with no marketing experience takes over as manager (Topher Grace). To complicate matters, Grace begins dating Quaid's daughter (Scarlett Johansson).

In the end Quaid gets his job back, and Johansson and Grace go their own ways to discover who they are and who they might become.

Quaid plays the father and older mentor well. Grace's character is, witty, clumsy and a little unsure of himself but someone you can't help but like. Grace plays this character well and although he seems like a climber you know this is someone with a good heart who is not blinded by his ambition.

Johansson is as always charming and intelligent. These three bring charisma and chemistry to the movie making it a wonderful story. A movie worth seeing!

-- Walt Paquin, professor

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