Speak Out 1/21/05

Friday, January 21, 2005

Cheerful workers

JACKSON'S POST office has the most polite and nice people working at the window. We're so blessed to have them. Even if the lines are long, the workers always manage to be cheerful.

Tending to pets

PETS SHOULD not be left unattended and allowed to roam, eventually meeting their demise on a street or roadway. However, it's very insensitive and inhumane of someone who runs over an animal and keeps on going without remorse or concern. Please spay and neuter.

Enough animation

IF THE PTO wants to raise money for PowerPoint equipment, let them. But if it's coming out of school budget, maybe it's not such a good idea. Animation? My school-aged child, if he's under 12, he can sit and watch cartoons after he's home from school. That's all the animation he needs in one day.

Limited protection

AS A resident of Scott City, I think that we ought to have a say in whether or not our police officers are able to go outside their jurisdiction to do the work the sheriff's department should be doing. Our officers already spend too much time on the interstate instead of protecting us citizens in the city limits of Scott City.

Outraged at speaker

I AM an alumnus of Southeast Missouri State University. I am outraged that the university would bring a violent racist as a speaker to the university. The university scoffs at all of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s principles when it brings Bobby Seale, the Black Panther, to the university.

What's next?

I SEE where Southeast Missouri State University is bringing a former Black Panther to speak to the student body. Are they going to bring a former Klansman next?

Thanks for wallet

THANK YOU to the person who turned in the brown wallet that was found at Hopper Road and Mount Auburn.

No stipulations

THE LAST time I checked I lived in a free country. Now the Cape Girardeau Planning and Zoning Commission is demanding green zones when you want to develop property you own. I do not believe P&Z has the right to put stipulations on its yes or no votes.

Banned in my home

I DO not care how many awards it receives, I consider the TV show "Desperate Housewives" to be nothing but sleazy, pornographic trash. I will not allow my husband or my daughters to watch it.

Deserves our thanks

I DO not care if a police officer drops his child off at school on the way to work. You would think other parents would like having a police car around to slow traffic. I am sick of everyone criticizing everything the police and fire department do now that they are finally getting paid a fair wage. Next time, why not thank the officer for protecting our children, our homes and our city?

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