Letter to the Editor

Health, environment on the block

To the editor:

The humanity of Missouri's Blunt-Kinder administration has already been revealed. As the governing administration, of course, they have the right to make whatever political appointments they choose. However, what they do not have the legal right to do is terminate contracts of state employees before they are even sworn in -- as the transition team did to several staff members in the Department of Natural Resources.

What is more telling is the manner that they chose to undertake this termination. Rather than accord long-term employees of the state the opportunity to obtain post-termination COBRA insurance should they need it -- or even clean out their desks, for their years of loyalty and service, state employees were rewarded with two hours notice. There is no morality and there are no family values in the zeal with which these Republicans have not only set about destroying environmental protection in Missouri, but also destroying the lives of long-term state employees.

It comes as no surprise that the Blunt-Kinder team wants to cleanse the Department of Natural Resources of any loyal employees who have been dedicated to protecting the health and environment for Missourians. The Blunt-Kinder team has a clearly identified goal of replacing public servants who are concerned about our health and environment with political hacks who will serve only corporate profits and polluting industries. Such acts clearly run counter to the morality and concerns of most Missourian who care about their health and their environment.

ALAN JOURNET, Cape Girardeau