Speak Out 6/16/09

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

4-H talent

THE youths and sponsors who went to 4-H State Congress are to be commended. It looks as though the Southeast region will be well-represented by some talented youths.

Accident spot

THANK you to the Cape Girardeau Police Department for its efforts enforcing the speed limit on Mount Auburn Road. It's good to see the police out there. Mount Auburn is a dangerous place to drive too fast. Today I witnessed the fourth wreck in six months in exactly the same spot on Mount Auburn, right at the bottom of the hill at the corner of Mount Auburn and Wisteria. Please slow down, people. I am tired of making 911 calls and assisting injured drivers.

Downtown trash

GRADUALLY and imperceptibly Cape Girardeau is experiencing "garbagization." The riverfront and downtown area are an eyesore on weekends when most tourists are visiting. All along Broadway and Independence streets we can now see garbage strewn here and there.

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