Trail expansions

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cape LaCroix Trail is one of Cape Girardeau's most heavily used recreation facilities, with walkers, runners and cyclists sharing the trail that goes from Osage Park to Shawnee Park. Other sidewalks connect to the trail and provide off-street pedestrian access to other city parks.

Now two more major additions are being made to the city's trail system.

The Riverfront Park Trail that goes along the Mississippi River side of the downtown floodway is being extended north to Sloan's Creek, which is where the floodwall ends. This half-mile expansion should be finished by August.

A new North Park Trail is planned for the 1.2-mile gap from the Cape LaCroix Trail north to the nature trail in North County Park. This addition, which could be completed this year, will provide a trail from the county park all the way to Shawnee Park.

Most of the funding for these trail additions is coming from federal grants. The city's share is 20 percent of the cost. Those who use the trails welcome the additions, which should help relieve some of the congestion on the most used parts of the Cape LaCroix Trail.

Cape Girardeau's trail system continues to be an important part of outdoor opportunities in the city.

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