Speak Out 6/13/09

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Need a skate park

WHY doesn't Cape Girardeau have a skate park? The little spot on Middle Street is not a skate park, and I don't think it is in the best place for children to hang out. Maybe something should be built by the water park.

Motorcycle noise

I am blind. I have people read the editorials of the Southeast Missourian to me. I was listening to one the other evening while sitting outside a cafe on Main Street. The editorial had to do with Cape Girardeau's noise ordinance. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the theme of the editorial was because I couldn't hear what the reader was saying due to ear-splitting noise emanating from what sounded like the motorcycles.

Nuclear threat

DO you really think Israel is going to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons when it has already promised it's going to destroy Israel and then come after the United States? We're going to pay a terrible price. There's going to be a nuclear showdown because we have a weak president. The Jews are not going to be destroyed just to keep somebody like that in public office.

Thanks for mowing

I want to thank the Missouri Department of Transportation for mowing the new section of Highway 72. The new grass was getting so tall you couldn't see to get out of your driveway. I hope MoDOT keeps up the good work.

Beautiful yard

OUR dear friends and neighbors, Ken and Myrna Grigsby on the corner of Cambridge Drive and Valley Forge Lane have the most beautiful yard ever. The neighbors and folks who walk this route daily enjoy the colorful flowers and appreciate the hard work involved to accomplish such a beautiful yard. Drive by. You'll enjoy seeing it.

Beautifying Jackson

THANKS to a Master Gardener, we have a beautiful landscape to walk in at the Jackson post office. Now do the side that's visible from the road. What a beautiful Jackson High School we have now. I hope when the economy gets better the school district can build a better football stadium and do something about the old gym. It looks pitiful. What a beautiful structure the new gymnasium and art building are.

Giving credit

JEANNIE Eddleman, the founder of the Cat Ranch Art Guild, should be credited with coming up with the idea of the First Friday shuttle service. She's been pressing for more than a year, through the group, to have a shuttle service.

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