Speak Out 6/7/09

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rehab and oxygen

I read Michael Jensen's column about being overweight. I go to a health club to work out, and I see many grossly obese people. They're doing rehab work and walking around with an oxygen tank. If they would lose weight, they might not need that oxygen tank.

Jackson shopping

THE Cape Girardeau City Council has done it again. Guess where I'll be on the tax-free weekend? Shopping in Jackson.

Use for building

WHY not use the old federal building for a community college?

No ammo

MY grandson and I do a lot of target shooting with our .22-caliber rifle. Recently when I tried to buy ammunition, I was told the store had not had any in about a month. After calling around, I found a few places had ammunition for high prices. What is the problem? Is it a created shortage, hoarding or some other force at work?

Sandwich request

WHY don't some fast-food restaurants sell bologna sandwiches, fried bologna with cheese on toast, chili sandwiches or bratwurst? Why don't they sell less expensive meat? There might be a market in it.

Flags in park

IN regard to the comment about the nice flag display at Cape County Park: The flags were put out by veterans of VFW Post 3838 and Boy Scouts.

China deal

THE United States has borrowed money from China. We also engage in trade with China. Why not ask the Chinese to establish manufacturing plants on U.S. soil? Perhaps they could ease some of our unemployment while we become more friendly and work together on human-rights issues. I am certain this engagement would lead to a more secure world.

Race records

I can't believe the article I just read in this paper. It was titled "Black drivers stopped more in Missouri." Are you kidding me? How can you keep records of that? You do something wrong, you get stopped. The police have it tough enough, and now they have to keep track of how many of what race they stop? Unbelievable. And we pay people to keep records like this. What a waste.

Dog decision

AS a resident of Scott City, I've spent most of my adult life here and until recently loved my little town. I am the mother of a son who is serving his country in the Navy on an aircraft carrier stationed in Japan. I am ashamed my little town wants me to get rid of his dogs that I promised to take care of until he came home. If someone could help me find a way to keep this promise to my beloved son, I would appreciate it. I have already given away my basset hound. I know laws are laws, but I love my son and his two dogs and my two dogs. They are part of my family. How do you choose who should go?

GM goes down

THIS is a never-ending welfare case. Taxpayer money is being used to help these broken companies. When will it end? The U.S. doesn't have the money to do this. The government gives GM billions in hope it will spend it wisely. GM files for bankruptcy, and what does the government do? Give it more money. I say let these companies bleed to death. Let them learn a lesson. Whatever happened to the saying "Ignorance is no excuse"? That's why the auto companies and banks are in this position. Ignorance. Period.

After the tornado

I live in Sedgwickville where a tornado did severe damage to homes and power. We were without power for several days, and the damage is quite extensive. We're wondering where FEMA is. Sedgwickville, Patton and Lutesville all had significant damage. We lost all of our food in our refrigerator and freezer. We went without power and water. Where is FEMA? Where is the help, especially for the disabled and low income? Bollinger County is a low-income county, and we need help.


HOW can you be "pro-life" and a killer at the same time? Whether you agree with abortion or not, this is not the way to back up your beliefs in preserving life. Dr. George Tiller brought more lives into the world than he prevented. Now he is dead and has a family left scarred and saddened forever. This is why I am pro-choice. You don't see us killing people.

Government help

COLUMNIST David Brooks' apparent alternative to temporary government-private partnerships is to allow all of the many troubled financial institutions and corporations to sink. The ripple effect of this would sink America. Temporary government intervention in the free market system is necessary to save it from itself and, eventually, restore it in a more regulated system as the best (though not perfect) economic system in the world.

Help ourselves

THE question is not what percentage of global warming we are responsible for and what percentage God is responsible for. It's why aren't we doing everything possible to remedy the percentage we are responsible for. God helps those who help themselves.

Cats and critters

I'VE lived with cats all my life and have had them bring us all kinds of critters and drop them at our feet. Mother used to have to yell for us kids to haul snakes out of the kitchen that one of our brave cats captured and brought in for approval. Just take the little bunny out and let it go. If it's not injured, it will escape to live another day. If not, that's Mother Nature doing her thing.

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