Three arrested for assault at Marble Hill convenience store

Wednesday, June 3, 2009 ~ Updated 1:32 PM

MARBLE HILL, Mo. -- Two men and a woman were arrested Friday following an alleged assault at the Amerimart store in Marble Hill.

Arrested were Ryan C Brown, 20, of Marble Hill, Justin Baker, 20, of Marble Hill and Megan N. Mayfield, 17, of Jackson. Baker and Brown were arrested on suspicion of first-degree assault; bond for each man was set at $50,000 cash only, and they remained in the Bollinger County Jail Wednesday morning.

Marble Hill acting Police Chief Scott Shaffer said that Mayfield was originally arrested on the same charge but that charge against her may be reduced. It will be up to the prosecuting attorney to determine what to charge her with, Shaffer said. She was booked and later released.

The incident occurred in the early evening, Shaffer said, when the victim, David Hughes of Marble Hill, encountered the three at the convenience store. There apparently has been a longtime disagreement between Hughes and one of the men, and they got into a fight.

Shaffer said that Hughes was taken to the hospital for treatment of serious head injuries.

His eyes were apparently swollen shut, his nose was broken, facial bones were fractured, his right ear required stitches and he had serious wounds in the back of his head.

A court date for Baker and Brown has not yet been set.

Pertinent address:

402 W. Main St., Marble Hill, MO

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