Speak Out 6/3/09

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Read the contract

I am a newcomer, but the blaming of the architect for the ballpark light fiasco is funny and sad. When a contract or job is worth millions, I expect my mayor, city manager, department head and council representative to read the contract and make sure all the parts are there. It seems like a lot of folks didn't do their jobs. Is that why Cape Girardeau has budget problems?

Attention drivers

WHEN you are turning left at a stoplight where it says left yield on green, please do so. Failure to do so can result in wrecks and road rage. Thank you.

Column bombing

PAUL Greenberg would like you to think both North Korea and Iran are capable of launching nuclear weapons right now. They aren't. Greenberg must be running short of fissionable journalistic fusillades.

Political web

ARCHITECT Ron Grojean made some good points in his verbal jihad against Mayor Jay Knudtson and the city's bidding process. On the other hand, Grojean's critical insights were offset by a comment so naive in nature it renders his comments suspect. The comment was particularly disturbing considering the fact that Grojean has been in the bidding process for so long. After 38 years of private and public bidding, how could Grojean possibly say, "I never imagined getting caught up in internal politics"?

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