Native American Cluture , Customs and Stories program series

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Cape River Heritage Museum Board of Directors announces the upcoming 2009 educational series by Chief Paul White Eagle. Chief Paul White Eagle's first program will be held June 13, 10:30 am at the museum located at 538 Independence Street in the Old Fire Station No 1. The program" The Year of 13 Moons as seen through the Indian Eyes will be the first in a monthly series. Programs in the series include July 11, Social Interaction in an Indian Native American Community"; August 6 Family Structure in Tradtional Native Families" ;Sept. 19 " The Moon when the Earth Changes"; Oct.3, "Indian Seasons: Observation of Yearly Cycles; November 14, Thanksgiving from the Hearts of Native People" ; December 12 " Story Telling".

Chief Paul White Eagle ( Paul Smith) is an artist, writer and storyteller who lives on AhNiYvWiYa Tribal Lands in Grassy Mo and serves as leader of his people. He is trained in the tradional ways, ancient dances,ceremonies and medicians of his People. He spends much of his time teaching,training and passing on to Tribal schools, and community orgniations, the ancient ways of his people. His tribe in Grassy have never changed any of their traditional ways and have learned to keep them in the Modern Sociey.

We are pleased to have this series in addtion to the Native American Exhibit at the museum, stated John Holcomb. MD, President of the Board of Directors. Our generous contributors make this project free to the community. call 573 334 0504 for more information

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