Hooked on science: Bernoulli's apples

Friday, May 29, 2009

Using apples and a few other items from around the house you can teach the family all about Bernoulli's Principle.


* String

* 2 apples

* 2 tacks


STEP 1: Cut two pieces of string about 12 inches in length. Attach one apple to each piece of string.

STEP 2: Using the tacks hang the apples about four inches apart so they hang freely.

STEP 3: Standing under the apples, blow extremely hard between the apples.


Bernoulli's Principle states that the faster a gas or liquid moves, the lower its pressure will be. By blowing extremely hard between the apples, you lowered the pressure between the apples. As this occurs the higher pressure on the sides of the apples pushes the apples closer together instead of apart.

Jason Lindsey is a Science Outreach Educator with Hooked on Science. Check out his website Hooked On Science at hookedonscience.org for webcasts and experiments that might get you hooked on science. Send him your science questions at jlindsey@hookedonscience.org. More science experiments can be found at www.semissourian.com.

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