Letter to the Editor

Education is best abortion prevention

Friday, January 14, 2005

To the editor:

I am writing in response to the recent story regarding abortion clinics, or the lack there of, in Mississippi. The caption above a picture of a man sporting a Santa suit and spreading Christmas cheer in the form of anti-choice propaganda outside the state's lone abortion clinic spoke of a glimpse into the future in which abortion is not outlawed but instead rendered impotent by systematically removing the opportunity for women to obtain one.

The South shines its stunning ignorance once again. No one, not even the most raging left-winger, likes abortion. The pro-choice movement's name aptly and cogently states our stance on the issue. We support the right to choose, not necessarily the practice of abortion. True freedom hinges on the ability of educated people to make educated choices. Removing the option of abortion will not solve the moral ills of this country. Poor women and victims of unfortunate circumstances like rape or incest, will still seek to terminate their pregnancy. History teaches us that.

Educate the populace and strive to level out the ridiculous distribution of wealth in this country, and you will reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies exponentially. Moralizing the masses only fosters shame for those already on the bottom rung. Remember, ye with out sin among you, cast ... .

ANDY DODSON, Cape Girardeau