Ear Science Day at the Cape Girardeau Public Library

Meet Jolene - Hearing Manakin from the Miracle-Ear Children's Foundation

For a pleasant opportunity to tour the new Cape Girardeau Library bring the kids to Ear Science Day, Saturday May 30th at the Cape Library. Jason Lindsey will be there doing experiments with hearing, or try the new computers with games to teach young ones about dangerous noise levels, and view the short film Ear Buds in the video room. The film is designed to teach hearing conservation to elementary and middle school students. A book reading designed for preschoolers will help them learn about their ears. The feature event is the debut of Jolene the hearing manikin from the Miracle-Ear Children's Foundation. Using a student's personal listening device Jolene can measure the listening volume level while in use. It's free educational fun for all with gifts for students and hand outs for parents and teachers. Activites starts at 11:00 am and continue until 3pm. Ear Science Day is a co-operative adventure by the Cape Girardeau Public Library and the local Miracle-Ear Children's Foundation members.