School board filings ensure competitive regional races

Thursday, January 13, 2005

With less than a week before the close of filing, most Southeast Missouri school districts have plenty of candidates signed up for board of education races.

With the exception of Cape Girardeau School District, where there is an additional one-year term opening, all local boards have three terms of three years each up for election.

Only Kelso, Delta, Nell Holcomb and Chaffee school districts were lacking enough candidates to fill vacancies as of Wednesday. If not enough candidates file to fill vacancies after the election, Missouri law allows the school board to appoint someone to a board position.

Filing will end at 5 p.m. Tuesday, and the election will be April 5.

* indicate incumbents

Cape Girardeau

Charles Haubold*

Sharon Mueller*

Steve Trautwein*

Creighton Gould

Debra Mitchell Braxton

1-year term

Skip Smallwood*

Charles Bertrand


Terri Tomlin*

T. Wayne Lewis*

Mack Illers*

Jim Blakemore


Jerri Menz*

Troy Smith*

Oak Ridge

Jacqueline Ludwig*

Linda Schoen*

Thomas Schreiner

Rebecca Moore

Casey Smith (Svehla)

Nell Holcomb

Tammy Brock

Scott City

William Wilthong*

Sally Porch*

Wayne Pettit*

Bryan Friese

Roger Buckner


Sonny Scheffer*

Mike Riley*

Junior Gean

Becky Wade


No Candidates


Gerard Dirnberger

Dallas Pettit

Gary "Pedi" Senciboy Jr.

Eric Urhahn

Jerry Lange *

Robert Williams

Larry Chasteen

Kim St. Cin


Melissa Hamilton


Barry Booth*

Jo Ann Shrum*

Danny VanGennip*

Joanna Marie Shetley

Meadow Heights

Mike Welker*

Charlie Doublin

D. Keith Cook

Donnia Mayfield

Danny Tallent

Dalton Denman


Jeff Eftink*

Rick Bueter*

Danny James

Bob Fluchel


Aaron Lemons

Patti Shelby

Missy Stotts

Donald Sitz

Harold Lemons*


Nancy Voelker

G. Scott Cooper*

Terry L. Miederhoff*

Donna Favier

Jeff B. Weibrecht*

Jerry Fulton

Lisa A. Martin

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