Speak Out 5/22/09

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wake-up call

STATES will be left with a big problem now that President Obama wants to remove funding to help cover costs of incarcerating criminal illegal aliens. The funding should be the federal government's responsibility since the flood of illegals is the result of the feds lack of enforcement of immigration restrictions. I would suggest buying these criminals a one-way ticket to Washington, D.C. It would be cheaper than locking them up. Since these arrogant politicians seem insulated from the problem, maybe this would be the wake-up call they need.

Homeless needs

A homeless shelter is probably needed in a town of this size, but would it not be better to locate it near the Salvation Army or churches with outreach programs that help get people back on their feet? Watching the news we see it is not only singles who are homeless. More and more families are on the streets.

Irrational capitalists

ECONOMIST and journalist Joe Sullivan's recent tribute to free enterprise is old school. Excessive free enterprise is what got us in this mess. Capitalism assumes consumers are rational by nature. They are not. That's why we need much more government oversight of the economy to see that such catastrophic meltdowns in the automobile and other businesses and industries, including the financial sector, don't occur again. Joe, if you doubt me, you would be well-served to read "Predictably Irrational" by Dan Ariely.

Regulating commerce

SOMEONE asked where in the U.S. Constitution it says anything about being mandated to buy a specific product. I can tell you. It's Article 1, Section 8, Clause 18, usually referred to as the "necessary and proper clause." It has been interpreted by the U.S. Supreme Court in a broad sense and gives Congress great power to regulate commerce. In my opinion, Congress does have the power to mandate the purchase of any and all specific commercial products.

P&G's impact

I am a Procter & Gamble employee and have been for many years. During this recession the plant here has been rock steady and has actually got more business from other plants. I appreciate the job and know the people in this area understand how many jobs the plant is responsible for. Not only Procter & Gamble technicians, but Manpower, Frucon, Janco, Excel, Securitas, food service and others owe their jobs to Procter & Gamble. Procter & Gamble knew that putting a plant here was a wise decision because the people here appreciate it so much.

Impressive library

MY wife and I toured the new Cape Girardeau Public Library and were impressed. The interior design and especially the carpet is amazing. We love the patio and cafe and plan to spend many happy hours there. This is something Cape Girardeau has needed for a long time. Thanks and congratulations to all those who made it happen.

Safe driving

I was at a stop sign and was hit by somebody talking on a cell phone. What is it going to take for people to realize how dangerous it is to be on the phone while driving? A lot of the cell phones have built in speakers, or you can purchase an earpiece. Let's all think of one another's safety.

College rigor

I am a professor at the university and agree that the rigor here is often less than in many high school courses. Faculty members have lost control of our university to administrators who live in the world of politics and insist that faculty careers and promotions be driven by student evaluations. Faculty who want to be successful lower the rigor of classes and give out higher grades in hopes of better evaluations. Good and rigorous teaching is not rewarded. Good evaluations are.

Free drugs

I just wonder if anybody else is as frustrated as I am after hearing the kind of the free prescriptions Pfizer is going to give people I don't see any reason why anyone should get free Viagra. If the company wants to help people who don't have a job, it should be giving out antibiotics and other life-saving drugs. I work hard to pay for my own health plan and have to have a job so I can keep my children in a health plan.

City spending

IT sounds like the city is so out of money that it can't build streets, can't pay police officers, can't repair the streets we already have. But at the same time, the city's going to build a water park and renovating the Arena Building.

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