Out of the past 1/11/05

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

25 years ago: Jan. 11, 1980

Formal approval for initiation of a new program at the Cape Girardeau Vocational-Technical School that will train skilled building tradesmen should come at the February meeting of the school board; between 36 and 40 pupils will be involved in the two classes beginning with the 1980-1981 school year.

With the bubble top in place, swimming in the new city-Cape Girardeau public schools pool on the Central High School campus shouldn't be far off.

50 years ago: Jan. 11, 1955

A combination of a snowstorm from Texas and a cold blast from the northwest left Cape Girar-deau with a 3 1/2-inch snow coating overnight, but a warming sun today is expected to wipe out the remnants of the worst punch winter has thrown at this section.

Cape Girardeau County can have a state park in the area between Moccasin Springs and Indian Creek if its residents can, by concerted action, provide the funds to purchase 3,117 acres of land along the high bluffs of the Mississippi River; this pledge was made yesterday by Charles W. Boutin, chairman of the Missouri State Park Board, in an address to the Rotary Club.

75 years ago: Jan. 11, 1930

John H. Gehrs, professor of agriculture at the Teachers College in Cape Girardeau, and for a quarter of a century identified with educational work in this state, announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination for state superintendent of schools of Missouri.

Slightly higher temperatures bring some relief to Southeast Missouri from the cold of the past several days, and in a measure the district is recovering from the blizzard which for two days has paralyzed communication and threatened traffic.

100 years ago: Jan. 11, 1905

The cold, snowy weather has tied up all the railroads more or less and has caused inconveniences in a thousand places; Frisco trains are all late; last night it took three engines to push the C.&E.I. train up the grade on Water Street; snow on roofs is playing havoc with store buildings.

E. de Vicq de Cumptich, a native of Belgium and a soldier of fortune, has left his home in Cape Girardeau for the Russo-Japanese war; it is said he was given a commission as first lieutenant in the Japanese army and has sailed for Tokyo.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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