Tuning in to Tunes

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Old Town Cape's Tunes at Twilight series started last week. The Tunes musicians follow the same path each week. They arrive on Thursday; play a set at 8 p.m. Thursday at Stooges in Jackson; play KFVS12's "The Breakfast Show" on Friday morning; hang with Larry and Jean Underberg; and play Tunes at Twilight at 7 p.m. Friday.

If you missed the memo or didn't check our website, we're streaming their preview set on Thursday nights. Ted Clark, head Stooge, gave us a table, a chair and two outlets in the corner of his place (right underneath a heavy, metal air-conditioner thing -- I strongly recommend watching your head).

We figured it's a good way for you to find out about Stooges and to hear the artists so you can make an informed decision in choosing to see them. Be patient, please, as we work out some kinks. If the signal cuts out it might be a bad Internet connection or a glitch. Hit refresh or get dressed and drive out for the live concert.

We're also streaming the Tunes at Twilight performances. This action has garnered cheers and jeers.

The naysayers object on the premise that people will simply stay home and not come out to Tunes at Twilight. I can say with confidence that this is neither the objective nor a feasible probability.

The streaming video will, at best, show people what they're in for -- and if they're stuck at home watching/listening to it on our website, what they're missing. I started the stream to entice people out to the gazebo the next week.

As my mom put it during Kimberley Dahme's set Friday, Tunes is a great community event. Cute and friendly and representing the stuff good towns are made of.

The good folks at Old Town Cape gave us a big hug and welcomed our camera because they understand that Susan stuck at home folding laundry can still listen and make a point to come to Tunes next Friday. Or that Fred surfing our website will stumble upon the stream and suddenly decide to head downtown for the remainder of the concert.

The stream isn't meant to take people away from Tunes at Twilight. We want it to bring more people out. This week, next week and every week.

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