Letter to the Editor

Early grads want to celebrate too

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

To the editor:

I would like to say that previous early graduates at Kelly High School haven't understood the policy either. This year is the only time anyone has spoken up about it. In the past, others were afraid they would get more of their rights taken away.

Jim Simmons said he didn't want to see us grow up any faster than we have to. It's only five more months that we would be there. Some of us have reasons not to stay, such as starting college early, having a baby or getting married. We each have our reasons. We earned our credits. I just want to walk with my peers, celebrate that moment and let my parents be there to celebrate it and be proud as every other parent is of their kids.

This isn't only about me. It is about the students that are under me too. I want everyone to be able to celebrate this time and to do it because they earned it.