Mission of peace

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Last week's report that members of a National Guard company was loading equipment at the Southeast Missouri Port Authority near Scott City is yet another reminder that the war in Iraq continues to involve this area and its residents.

Members of the 220th Engineering Company of Festus, Mo., whose members are from throughout Southeast Missouri, were loading 100 pieces of equipment that will be used for building roads and runways. The company will have several months of training in Georgia and California before heading for Iraq.

With Iraqi elections slated for the end of this money, and with troops being sent to Iraq to build things instead of destroy them, there are strong signs that the Mideast nation is heading for recovery, no matter how long it takes.

Headlines typically go to stories about destruction, insurgency, terrorism, suicide bombers and general mayhem -- all designed to thwart the efforts to build a democratic Iraq.

It's good to see some headlines for stories about U.S. efforts to make Iraq whole again. Best wishes to the members of the 220th and they endeavor to carry out a mission of peace.

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