Elementary student suspended for bringing BB gun to Southeast Missouri school

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

SENATH, Mo. -- A Senath-Hornersville Elementary student was suspended last week after bringing a BB gun to school.

The student brought the BB gun from his home, according to Senath police chief Omar Karnes. When asked about the gun, the student in question said he brought it to show to a friend, Karnes said.

Karnes said the student told him the friend had brought his aerosol gun to school the previous week.

"He knew he was in the wrong for bringing the gun, because he tried to hide it in his backpack and became nervous when the teacher searched the students' backpacks," Karnes said.

The teacher searched each of the students' backpacks after several students informed her that a backpack contained a gun, Karnes said.

The search took place in the afternoon when the buses arrived for students to return home, according to Senath-Hornersville superintendent Larry Woods.

Once the gun was discovered, the student and his backpack were transported to the elementary principal's office and then directed to the superintendent's office, Karnes said.

As a result, the student was suspended from school for three days, Woods said.

"We will be checking backpacks at school to insure student safety," Woods said in response to the incident. "We will also be looking to incorporate education programs regarding gun safety."

Woods said he had contacted the Dunklin County Sheriff's Department about incorporating this type of program in the school.

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