Young and thrilling

It's hard to believe the performers in Central Junior High School's musical, "Cinderella," were, well, junior high school students. The professional level of the singing, acting, costumes and sets was far beyond what any audience has a right to expect from such young performers.

Yet there they were, under the masterful direction of Mike Dumey, who each year manages to coax exceptional performances out of youngsters who, without a doubt, manage to surprise even themselves.

The students and their beloved teacher deservedly share a bright spotlight. But also turn a light on the dozens of unnamed volunteers -- parents, teachers, other students -- who do everything needed to pull off a full-scale musical. Just imagine sewing all those wonderful costumes.

Thanks, everyone involved in the Central Junior High School musicals. You once again have shown us that our artistic dreams need not be limited by age. As usual, we're looking forward to next year.