Speak Out 5/17/09

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Excessive spending

YOUR newspaper needs to do some investigative reporting about some of the big spending projects that are going on right now with the federal government. I know of a local drainage district that had problems after flooding last year and asked FEMA for $100,000 to fix the ditches. FEMA wanted to give the district $2 million to fix the ditches just because it wanted to spend the extra money. FEMA told the drainage district to spend it all. So, what else is our government spending money on that's above and beyond what's really needed?

Lower expectations

HIGH school teachers get paid less than college professors, but college professors do little. That is what I'm finding. For instance, tests are done online. Kids don't have to study anymore. High school teachers set high expectations. Then when you get to Southeast Missouri State University, it's just play time because there are no expectations set. You'll find that a Spanish class will be harder in high school than it will be in college. The absurdity of it all is overwhelming. To think people pay money for a college education that doesn't produce as much as our high schools. Then they call themselves a university?

Costly vaccine

TODAY'S health column says other countries have generic Tamiflu for $12 and $16 a treatment. In the United States, it sells for $100 a treatment. What is this country coming to? A family of four couldn't afford this vaccine.

Obama's spending

I cannot believe that President Obama's budget is $1.8 trillion. Forty-six cents of every dollar is going to be borrowed. He is putting our dollar down to nothing. I've never seen a Democrat do this. He is the worst president we have ever had, even worse than Nixon. He is going to destroy the United States' economy.

Had enough?

AN older man that my husband and I have known for years was complaining about the mess Social Security is in and all the spending in the last 100 or so days. I couldn't help myself. I said, "Well, aren't you the same person who had this big sign in your yard that said 'Had enough? vote Democrat'? And you still have an Obama sticker on your car?" Many of the people who are complaining are the same people who didn't vote the issues. They voted for a man who never committed himself to anything. I don't know if America can last long enough for a second term.

Bad location

I'M not opposed to a homeless shelter. But I doubt that it is warranted in Cape Girardeau and I don't like the proposed location. It's not good for downtown revitalization.

Standing firm

HAVING a homeless shelter in the federal building would fill up fast with homeless people from St. Louis. I say no to using the old federal building for a shelter, and I admire the mayor and city council for standing their ground.

Low-rent apartments

I know from experience doing volunteer work around Cape Girardeau that there are four or five facilities available for homeless people. There are empty beds in each facility. The best thing to do would be to refer homeless individuals to these facilities. A better idea for the old federal building would be to turn it into low-rent apartments for the seniors who are having such a struggle in making ends meet.

Rent everything

I'VE been following with great interest the facility needs of the Cape Girardeau School District. I think I've got the solution. Why not rent the facilities we need? If it's good enough for the stadium and the football team, let's rent the classrooms we need from Southeast Missouri State University. We can also rent the new River Campus auditorium instead of building one. While we're at it, let's rent some teachers. I think that would solve our problems, and we wouldn't have to put out any extra money.

Insurance mandate

U.S. Rep. Jo Ann Emerson was quoted at a health-care meeting as saying, "I know nobody likes the word 'mandate,' but in order to cover everyone, the question of mandates comes up." Voting for federal mandates has never bothered her before. Why should it now? I would like her, however, to tell us in what article or amendment of the Constitution does it give Congress the right to mandate that citizens purchase specific products. I can't find it in my copy.

Rental inspections

REGARDING the inspection of rental property to make sure it's kept up. The city also needs to inspect rental properties to see what renters tear up. The renters should be held responsible. It's a two-way street.

Atrocious treatment

I see in the newspaper where some people don't want the Rev. Larry Rice to obtain the federal building on Broadway for a homeless shelter. It's atrocious how people in this country treat other people.

Thanks for power

THANK you, Ameren, for getting our power back on after eight hours and 15 minutes. Ameren called me with an automated call to say it was on. The crews had a lot of work to do all over town, and we really appreciate them.

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