Death Penalty for Child Molesters!!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009
Me at the desk

How long have we been calling for a solution to this epidemic? As I polled the church and talked to people in town, the response is always the same, "Good , good and good". As I watched the news and listen to the comentator on this subject, two thoughts came to me. One: there seems to be overwhelming evidence that the largest percentage of offenders, no matter how long the sentence, get out and offend again. There seems to be nothing that can stop this horrible crime. Second: if they are going to offend again, and now they have to face the death penalty for commiting this crime, will they now resort to the ultimate offence and insult? Killing the little children after they are done with them, so they may protect thamselves. Today, this does not seem to be that far fetched. We see it every day in the news and even parents are commiting this crime. This is just a thought, but I believe that the Law makers should really concider this as they vote. I have always said, " there are many deserted islands on this earth, let them that can not be cured go there and survive or not!!!!

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