Speak Out 5/16/09

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Missouri damage

IF you want to see major storm damage from Friday, go north through Cape Girardeau County and Perry County: Oak Ridge, Daisy, Pocahontas, Shawneetown, Friedheim. These towns are destroyed. Uprooted trees that look like giants pulled them out of the ground and threw them at homes, vehicles, barns, anything in the path. Power lines are down, poles are broken, homes, barns, sheds are blown apart. Oak Ridge School was hit, and teachers' cars were damaged. Highways are open, but county roads are nearly impassable due to downed trees. Neighbors have to help neighbors, which we are doing, because we know major help will not come. Thankfully, Citizens Electric was a major help Sunday, and it is doing a great job restoring power as fast as it can. We are told most power will be on in two to three weeks. Even the beautiful Pensel Azalea Farm was destroyed, and Caney Fork Baptist Church was hit hard. But thank God nobody was killed.

Wasteful spending

I have been thinking of a way to save the city some money, and I think I have an idea. Why doesn't the city cut out wasteful spending like putting street extensions where they are not needed? I understand the city is planning to extend Walnut Street through to West End Boulevard. Why? It is not needed. The only thing that extending the street at that point will accomplish is to give drug dealers a secluded street to deal drugs. Everything is fine the way it is now. Maybe the Audubon Society might be interested to know that the city is going to intrude on the migratory path of the indigo bunting. I understand that the society is trying to protect that path, and I have proof that the indigo buntings are present in that area. At any rate, I do not understand why the city would want to waste money that it does not have to put in a place for dealers to sell drugs.

After the storm

I want to thank the many people who helped out after the storm came through May 8. Within hours of the storm being over, there were many people who came from all over to help clear roads and driveways. The linemen who helped to restore power are wonderful. Thank you to everyone who dropped whatever they were doing to help their neighbors out. God bless all of you.

Remembering Kemp

I enjoyed Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's tribute to Jack Kemp. Though I long ago abandoned belief in Kemp's political philosophy, I'll always remember him as a talented, tenacious and tough-minded quarterback with the Buffalo Bills.

Not a good idea

I used to live near a shelter run by the Rev. Larry Rice's organization. Panhandlers were everywhere. This is not a good idea for an area that is trying a comeback.

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