Speak Out 5/14/09

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taking too long

I believe the current administration's policy of limiting greenhouse gases and pollution up to the year 2050 is a disaster. The problem needs to be addressed immediately. That's too much time. I'm afraid Earth will end up like Mars. The surface is red, with no vegetation.

Keep the lights on

THIS is to the people who say the city should turn off all the street lights as this would be a cost-cutting measure. You have got to be kidding. Do you how much crime is committed in dark places? Let's see if there's not something else our fair city can do in order to save money. Cutting off street lights is not an option.

Say thanks

ALL of you seniors who have sent out graduation announcements, please do not forget to send out thank-you notes. We like to know if you received the gift we sent you. And it's the correct thing to do.

Community support

I also would like to thank the Maevers family for doing a wonderful job on our new library in Jackson. It is something I have been looking forward to for so long now. With a family like the Maeverses in Jackson, we can only look forward to many more businesses to help support our town. The wonderful bright bowling alley and now the library -- keep up the good work. Thank you all for helping our community.

Get behind schools

PEOPLE of Cape Girardeau need to buck up. I teach at one of the best school systems in Missouri in St. Louis County. We have the same demographics as Cape Girardeau. The only difference is our community supports our schools and facilities and gives our teachers every tool to be successful while being fiscally responsible. Stop whining about your schools. If you're not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

Seeking definition

DO you ever notice that David Limbaugh always defines conservatism but no longer defines it in specific terms as to how it applies to international issues such as Iraq and Afghanistan? In addition, we are left hanging when it comes to Limbaugh's version of conservatism as applied to specific domestic social and cultural issues. It seems to me that he could at least offer a variation of the insightful definition given by his famous or, depending on your point of view, infamous brother, Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh helped define current conservatism when he recently said on his radio talk show, "Conservatism is what it is."

Other music

I wish we could give country music a rest for a while at the SEMO District Fair and have some different acts, maybe a jazz band or blues band or something besides the same old tired music. Of course, that would cause people in Cape Girardeau to open their minds a bit, and I know that's hard for the residents of this city to do.

Great website

I continue to be amazed and delighted by your website, semissourian.com. It's one of the best information websites I've ever seen, and I spend a lot of time on the Web. I just thought you should know. Congratulations to all the people at the Southeast Missourian who put it together.

GOP missing point

YOU would think that watching 14 of your colleagues lose their seats in the last four years would get Republicans in the Senate to change their behavior. You would be wrong. They still don't get the message. As you are reading this, Limbaugh-lockstep Republicans are attacking the qualifications of everyone who might possibly be mentioned as a potential Supreme Court justice. Heck, these guys would attack King Solomon for being an activist judge. This type of knee-jerk permanent attack may gin up the Republican base, but it doesn't do anything to make America safer, fairer or more prosperous. President Obama isn't going to take the bait. Republicans need to wake up. They do not need a tea party. They need a double espresso.

Foreign affairs

THE essay by Southeast Missouri State University's Dr. Wayne Bowen about "Obama's opportunity in the Middle East" was a fascinating read: informative, fair, well-written. I appreciate how he positively credited Obama's early steps in managing Middle East policy while also pointing out that former president Bush "deserves significant praise for setting the stage for Obama, primarily through a winning strategy in Iraq." It will be interesting to see how other historians look back at Bush's war policies as time goes by and the political spin and attacks of the present become past. One prickly item Bowen did not address, though, is the role President Obama and the United States will take concerning Turkey and the European Union. Here, too, is an issue that potentially derails hope for the region if poorly handled.

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