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Speak Out 5/14/09

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Taking too long

I believe the current administration's policy of limiting greenhouse gases and pollution up to the year 2050 is a disaster. The problem needs to be addressed immediately. That's too much time. I'm afraid Earth will end up like Mars. The surface is red, with no vegetation.

Keep the lights on

THIS is to the people who say the city should turn off all the street lights as this would be a cost-cutting measure. You have got to be kidding. Do you how much crime is committed in dark places? Let's see if there's not something else our fair city can do in order to save money. Cutting off street lights is not an option.

Say thanks

ALL of you seniors who have sent out graduation announcements, please do not forget to send out thank-you notes. We like to know if you received the gift we sent you. And it's the correct thing to do.

Community support

I also would like to thank the Maevers family for doing a wonderful job on our new library in Jackson. It is something I have been looking forward to for so long now. With a family like the Maeverses in Jackson, we can only look forward to many more businesses to help support our town. The wonderful bright bowling alley and now the library -- keep up the good work. Thank you all for helping our community.

Get behind schools

PEOPLE of Cape Girardeau need to buck up. I teach at one of the best school systems in Missouri in St. Louis County. We have the same demographics as Cape Girardeau. The only difference is our community supports our schools and facilities and gives our teachers every tool to be successful while being fiscally responsible. Stop whining about your schools. If you're not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

Seeking definition

DO you ever notice that David Limbaugh always defines conservatism but no longer defines it in specific terms as to how it applies to international issues such as Iraq and Afghanistan? In addition, we are left hanging when it comes to Limbaugh's version of conservatism as applied to specific domestic social and cultural issues. It seems to me that he could at least offer a variation of the insightful definition given by his famous or, depending on your point of view, infamous brother, Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh helped define current conservatism when he recently said on his radio talk show, "Conservatism is what it is."

Other music

I wish we could give country music a rest for a while at the SEMO District Fair and have some different acts, maybe a jazz band or blues band or something besides the same old tired music. Of course, that would cause people in Cape Girardeau to open their minds a bit, and I know that's hard for the residents of this city to do.

Great website

I continue to be amazed and delighted by your website, semissourian.com. It's one of the best information websites I've ever seen, and I spend a lot of time on the Web. I just thought you should know. Congratulations to all the people at the Southeast Missourian who put it together.

GOP missing point

YOU would think that watching 14 of your colleagues lose their seats in the last four years would get Republicans in the Senate to change their behavior. You would be wrong. They still don't get the message. As you are reading this, Limbaugh-lockstep Republicans are attacking the qualifications of everyone who might possibly be mentioned as a potential Supreme Court justice. Heck, these guys would attack King Solomon for being an activist judge. This type of knee-jerk permanent attack may gin up the Republican base, but it doesn't do anything to make America safer, fairer or more prosperous. President Obama isn't going to take the bait. Republicans need to wake up. They do not need a tea party. They need a double espresso.

Foreign affairs

THE essay by Southeast Missouri State University's Dr. Wayne Bowen about "Obama's opportunity in the Middle East" was a fascinating read: informative, fair, well-written. I appreciate how he positively credited Obama's early steps in managing Middle East policy while also pointing out that former president Bush "deserves significant praise for setting the stage for Obama, primarily through a winning strategy in Iraq." It will be interesting to see how other historians look back at Bush's war policies as time goes by and the political spin and attacks of the present become past. One prickly item Bowen did not address, though, is the role President Obama and the United States will take concerning Turkey and the European Union. Here, too, is an issue that potentially derails hope for the region if poorly handled.

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Taking too long....oh, good grief! Mars? Would it even matter then?

Keep the lights on....I agree, lights make me feel safe.

Say thanks....I agree, it's like thank-you notes are a thing of the past, along with belts & manners. geez...

Community support....yes, thank you!

Get behind schools...well said.

Seeking definition....seeking comprehension...oh, I got it...Limbaugh sucks! :)~

Other music ....ur just not looking in the right direction, Stooges over here in Jackson has live music, Marquette just had Scott Holtz (?)...it's not all country son!

Great website....:)~

GOP missing point....there's that **** coffee joke again...did u hear that Cycle, Willy....wake up! :)~

Foreign affairs....Turkey and the European Union. What's goin' on there?

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 12:18 AM

I agree with the person that wrote "Give country music a break for a while at the SEMO District Fair". A lot of people are getting tired of country music at the fair every year. The fair is starting to include a different variety of music than what they did in the past and that is good. Change it up a bit.

-- Posted by swampeastmissouri on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 5:38 AM

I hate country music. Come to think of it, I'm not such a big fan of the fair either, so what do I care? And maybe part of the reason that I'm not a big fan is that it happens during the school year when you have homework & bedtime. I've always thought that was rather retarded.

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 7:10 AM

Taking too long: Mars Attacks?

Keep the lights on: Yes, we don't want folks crashing into houses.

Say thanks: *sigh*

Community support: Cheers.

Get behind schools: We do support them...with taxes.

Seeking definition: Gender specific?

Other music: Let me guess, you're new in town?? That being said...we had STYX, what more do you want? White Snake, Pretty Poison, and KISS just doesn't mix well with Cows, Pigs, Poultry, Chevrolet and Apple Pie.

Great website: Well, speaking of that...there were some problems yesterday.

GOP missing point: Tea Party? LOL! Yeah..they do.

Foreign affairs: Boring!

-- Posted by Megalomania on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 7:54 AM

College student charged with growing pot in dorm

now that's a person getting a higher education !

-- Posted by ..Rick on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 8:25 AM

Taking too long -- greenhouse gases and pollution are two separate issues. As the sun warms and cools the earth (currently cooling), certain gases such as CO2, and a very small portion of our atmospheric cocktail, may increase. This actually benefits many aspects of our ecology. Alas, humans tend to overpopulate and soil their own nest. When the earth finally shudders and eliminates the human race from its surface, it will likely go green all by itself, not red.

Keep the lights on -- keep the lights on.

Get behind schools -- and its also a great place to smoke and get in some serious smooching; behind schools that is.

Seeking definition -- depends on what you thing 'is' is.

Other music -- there are only two kinds of music worth listening to, country and western. Yee-Haa.

Great website -- really!

GOP missing the point -- lockstep? Double expresso? Yawn, same 'ol same 'ol. The point is most Americans no longer want personal freedoms. It's too hard and demands the responsibility of being accountable. They want the gov'ment to take care of them. Problem is, who's going to pay for it? President Obama has increase the deficit higher than the TOTAL of Bush's first seven years. We are borrowing more than half that amount to support the spending. To heck with the GOP, American's are missing the point. We're writing checks our children can't cash. I'm stocking up on ammunition and survival gear.

-- Posted by blogbudsman on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 8:41 AM

"Keep the lights on"

I agree. The city needs to stop wasteful spending like extending streets that do not need to be extended. I know of one street that the city is planning on extending, and all it will do is supply a place for drug dealers to deal drugs. They already sneak in there to make meth. Now the city wants to give them a place to deal it! I say do not extend the streets that don't need it.

-- Posted by Hookie98 on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 8:54 AM

What's with the new avatar, cycle? Weird. What is it, a depiction of an "evil conservative" or what's behind Chairman Maobama's mask?

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 9:44 AM

Cycle, u continue reiterating that u r ignorant & self-absorbed & i'll keep drinking the 'koolaid' and look past it...deal?

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 9:48 AM

oh, i forgot to answer ur other question, Cycle in regards to the cigarette tax increase....nah, i'm good, hubby quit so I haven't really noticed it. :)

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 9:52 AM

Guvment, guvment, guvment. Praise be to the almightly guvment. The answer to all our woes.

-- Posted by socialism_kills_cyclists on Wed, May 13, 2009, at 3:07 PM

Someone hasn't been taking their "happy" pills! Three deep breaths, please....


Finals were over many, many moons ago....did you sleep through?

-- Posted by Theorist on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:04 AM

Theorist...I've seen it all too many times...the patient has to admit there's a problem first, u can't change what u don't acknowledge! ;o)

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:08 AM

OMG..pepsi, Cycle..pleeeeezz, i'm a coke girl! :o)

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:33 AM

oh & I don't smoke in the house/car, duh....it's bad for the kiddies.

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:34 AM

Cycle, you didn't answer my question about the new look.

As far as your question: no pigs today. I'm tired of their slop.

No, today will be a self gratifying day of rolling around naked in $100 bills. If the economy contiues on its current track, I may have to cut back and only roll around in $50's. I'll probably get out the laptop so I don't have to get out of my pile of money to respond to any stupidity posted here.

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:35 AM

oflmao...anyone else?

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:38 AM

yes, Cycle...I smoke Marlboros (I think I posted that b4, along with my love for Coke), menthols lights to be exact. Overweight, oh, sorry, slightly overweight...nope, sorry to disappoint, doc says i'm good! why is it always a stats thing with you, it's just usually yours and not mine. :o)~

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:48 AM


My kids have last finals today. See what I mean about the misinformed educated idiots.

Rain out the rest of the week. Off to the lake.

-- Posted by Willy Makit on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 10:12 AM

I hope wheels caught your "name callin"....and since you are not thinking today, I will explain...I finished finals YEARS ago....duh!

-- Posted by Theorist on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 12:24 PM

You are a bad, bad man, cyclist. You probably even try to make a profit. Shame on you for having a lake house when there are homeless people in this country. Maybe you should donate it to Larry Rice.

Ow, paper cut!

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 1:35 PM


I do not know Cyclist....but his preoccupation with weight suggests a personal battle that he is waging himself....my guess is that he carries an extra few...laughing!

-- Posted by Theorist on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 1:48 PM

in his head.....oflmao! ;o) I would elaborate further...especially in regards to his 'partner in crime' but then Wheels/Mega will be on my ars again....

re: semo fair entertainment

c'mon...people, they have 'show' pigs and cows and I think chickens, it's like a **** poultry fest...who would wanna go judge a freakin' cow....4-H is a big factor, it's countrified to the core.

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 1:58 PM

Considering over 30% of Americans are obese, and a good deal more a lard butts who are "just overweight" but not technically obese, there's a good chance there are a few fatties online.

PS: cycle & I aren't among them.

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 2:18 PM

Oh the humanity of it! How dare you own a BOAT when there are people living in cars?!?!!

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 2:48 PM

LOL! SO Forum, reduced to merely 3 posters. Woo hoo, how exciting.

-- Posted by Megalomania on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 2:57 PM

Yes, Theorist...b/c 'reservists' are never overweight....c'mon, guys...the restrictions aren't that tight....u guys crack me up! any-who...who cares???

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 3:03 PM

Megal, don't hate us cuz' u ain't us. ;o) Seriously I haven't decided if it's b/c others are scared, shocked, appalled at our antics or just have others sources of entertainment.....

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 3:19 PM

Maybe everyone else just got tired of waiting. Is it just me or is this site running extremely slowly?

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 3:54 PM


I was just going to ask the same thing. "Specifically" this site seems to be running slower than molasses in winter.

-- Posted by Megalomania on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 5:09 PM

you seem to forget that I am a Soldier and therefore required to maintain certain weight standards.

-- Posted by socialism_kills_cyclists on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 2:50 PM

Nope, and though you may maintain weight standards...the paunch continues to grow...I'm sorry....laughing

-- Posted by Theorist on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 6:20 PM

Cycle, I KNOW the restrictions aren't that tight. I'm not saying u r physically fit or not...I could care less. Challenges...hmmm..i'll get back to you, gots company now! ;o)

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 7:28 PM

I thought you might like it. [giggle, giggle]

ROF, oh wait, I've been doing that all day. Rolling around naked in a big pile of money. Now I can [giggle, giggle] while ROFNIBP$.

-- Posted by Just__Me on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 8:17 PM

Re: taking too long

One of the few benefits of the economic downturn should be a reduction in greenhouse gas production as manufacturing slows down for the next couple of years.

As far as pollution, suggest to read up on the regulatory changes already in place which have significantly reduced sulfur emissions (causes acid rain) and nitrogen oxide emissions (attacks the ozone). Mercury emissions are the next noxious nasty up-to-the-plate to be cranked down upon. Most of the fossil-fueled power plants built in the last 10 years have been fueled with natural gas - cheaper plants using a more costly fuel, but also less carbon-intensive than the traditional coal-fired plants.

Of course, the environmental wing-nuts always come back with "it's not enough". Well, then - give us a number - how much is enough? When will we know for certain that we have enough clean air and climate control, and can quit increasing the costs of production through the almost continuous raising of the bar on emissions reductions?

Re: keep the lights on

One alternative could be to accelerate a transition to the sodium lights, which consume less energy per lumen (unit of light). The challenges are that the lamp generally requires a different ballast, which is an up-front expense - and it emits a yellowish-orange light which is visually unappealing to many - but suggest it would be way better than dark.

Re: get behind schools

"PEOPLE of Cape Girardeau need to buck up".

Hmm, er, OK. From http://revenue.stlouisco.com/Collection/... (heads up!! 11MB file), of the 24 school districts in St. Louis county, the minimum school tax rate is $2.74, the maximum is $5.63, the average is $3.97, and the median is $4.02.

From http://www.cityofcapegirardeau.org/About..., the Cape school tax rate is $4.16.

As far as bucking up - Cape is already bucks above the St. Louis County minimum, average, and median.

Since I'm not part of the solution, guess that means I'm insoluble. And, of course, I've completely missed the point :-)~

-- Posted by fxpwt on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 8:18 PM

OK, Cycle...I'm ready...u still up? First of all, how in the world did this whole dumb conversation get here? You challenging me, actually u 'daring' me to challenge u...r u on drugs?

Let me see if I got this straight? You 'attempt' to insult me about weight & daily activities. That didn't work, so I point out that being a reservist does not necessarily mean u r physically fit, as many are not, RIGHT??? Am I wrong?

-- Posted by Turnip on Thu, May 14, 2009, at 11:16 PM

T, don't take his challenge lightly.

-- Posted by Just__Me on Fri, May 15, 2009, at 7:06 AM

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