Speak Out 1/7/05

Friday, January 7, 2005

There's a way

THE CITY is responsible entirely for the streets and around your mailbox. There is a way of doing it so you don't knock the mailbox off and so that you don't pile snow around it. That's what you pay your taxes for.

Volunteer pride

VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS are noble and worthy of praise, but they do not meet the requirements of being professional. They should be proud of what they are called -- volunteers -- because of the sacrifices they make. To want to be called a professional is a disgrace to the people who do firefighting as a profession full-time.

ER is only hope

THE REASON people go to the hospital instead of going to the doctor is the doctor will not see you. They say it's too much paperwork, and you can't get a doctor to see a child who is on Medicaid. I've been there and know what they do. The only way you can get any help is go to the emergency room.

It would be too wide

WAKE UP, Cape Girardeau. The city council has voted to widen Broadway to five lanes past Capaha Park to Henderson Avenue. Five lanes is how wide Kingshighway is. Do we want our children trying to cross five lanes of traffic to get to the swimming pool? Do we want our children trying to cross five lanes of traffic to get to Franklin Elementary School? This is a very bad idea. Say something now before it is too late.

Train revelry too noisy

I CANNOT believe the Jackson police allowed the train to continually blow its horn on New Year's Eve. I am sure it was fun for the few gathered there, but what about the local residents who were trying to get rest before heading off to work Saturday morning? Do we not have a noise ordinance in Jackson? Please don't allow this again next year.

No sale this time

SOMETHING INTERESTING happened to me the other day as I went into a supermarket. I am home from the military on leave visiting my family and needed to replenish some cold beverages. Though I am battle-hardened, I still have a baby face, so I fully expected to be asked for identification. I am 24 years old. When I presented a South Carolina driver's license I was informed that only certain managers could accept an out-of-state driver's license. Another manager came and rudely told me I needed a driver's license from a state that was at least "near Missouri." I showed my military ID card. Much to my surprise, the clerk actually scowled in disgust and denied the sale. Is the rest of the town like this? Can I not enjoy an alcoholic beverage when I am home on leave after spending months at a time on a submarine? Is this is how a supermarket thanks its country's military?

Growth puzzle

WHY WON'T Cape Girardeau grow? The census estimates Cape Girardeau has only grown 1.1 percent in the last three years, compared with Jackson's 4.4 percent. Why can't we get those moving to the area to live in Cape? Jonesboro, Ark., grew by 8,000 people from 1990 to 2000. Cape Girardeau grew by only 900. Why can't this area grow?

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