Letter to the Editor

Kelly student obtained her goal too

Friday, January 7, 2005

To the editor:

I was glad to see the article about the Kelly High School graduates. I could not believe what board president Jim Simmons had to say. Does he even realize what he said? His comment about the ball players is what angered me, saying that senior baseball players who have graduated can still play in the playoffs because "they've done what we expected them to do." It seems to me this young woman has done what was expected by having enough credits to earn a diploma.

As for the comment that the ball players "finished eight semesters. Eight semesters is an obtainable goal": I see that as a total put-down. Apparently this girl worked hard and obtained the goal sooner. Why should she be penalized for that? It sounds like she should have been a ball player.

RHONDA RAITHEL, Charleston, Mo.