Out of the past 5/10/09

Sunday, May 10, 2009

25 years ago: May 10, 1984

Today's announcement that a public hearing will be held Tuesday to discuss multipurpose building sites, with particular emphasis on a west end location, is criticized by Mayor Howard C. Tooke as an attempt to "put political pressure" on the committee to choose that site.

Clarence Dalton, a longtime active member of the Southeast Missouri Council of the Boy Scouts, is honored by that organization at a luncheon.

50 years ago: May 10, 1959

A corporate communion with breakfast following highlights the observance of Mother's Day at St. Mary's Cathedral; about 200 women are served breakfast at the event, sponsored by the men of the St. Joseph's School Association.

Regional Science Fair finalists representing Southeast Missouri high schools in the National Science fair, and their teachers and sponsoring escorts, return in the evening from a week of international competition in Hartford, Conn.; returning to Cape Girardeau are Corena Jansen of Cape Catholic High and James Singleton of Cape Girardeau Central High School.

75 years ago: May 10, 1934

Enveloped in a dust storm that comes swirling out of the Northwest, Cape Girardeau has the hazy, drab appearance of a town in the western desert; a yellowish color permeates the atmosphere obscuring vision for any great distance.

CHAFFEE, Mo. -- A transient relief center, through the cooperation of the government, will be established here within a few days; it will be the only center between Poplar Bluff, Mo., and Crystal City, Mo.

100 years ago: May 10, 1909

The auditor of the Houck railroads announces that regular train service will be established on the Thebes Bridge Terminal road next Monday, and the new service will also provide for Cape Girardeau another express company, the Pacific Express Co.

Frisco officials have ordered the yards surrounding the passenger depot fixed up, which will add much to the general appearances.

-- Sharon K. Sanders

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