Shelter providers

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The New Life Evangelistic Center's application to obtain the federal building at 339 Broadway portrays the proposal as a way to fill gaps in services for the homeless in Southeast Missouri. The application describes existing services and says that the population those agencies serve must fall into specific categories of need. New Life's proposed program would accept anyone for both long-term transitional help and for short-term emergency shelter on a space-available basis.

Existing local programs include:

* The Revival Center, 914 Old Cape Road, Jackson: The only program that accepts any homeless person. Requires a warrant check to stay. Operated in a 40-room former nursing home by pastor Joyce Hungate, residents must look for and obtain work, pay rent and participate in a religious program. On Friday, the Revival Center housed 28 people.

* Mending Hearts, 219 N. Henderson Ave., Cape Girardeau: A 10-bed transitional program for women who have completed an in-patient drug rehabilitation program or are being released from the Missouri Department of Corrections. Clients stay from six months to one year as they recover from their addictions and return to work. On Friday, Mending Hearts was serving six women.

* Vision House, 10 N. Middle St., Cape Girardeau: A transitional program for up to 21 women who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Operated in an eight-unit apartment house. Clients stay for about one year. On Friday, six women were at Vision House.

* Safe House for Women, Cape Girardeau: An emergency shelter program for women who are victims of domestic violence. The program allows women to bring their children and has room for up to 22, depending on the mix of adults and children. Director Linda Gardner said the Safe House averages 10 women and four children.

* Gibson Recovery Center, 1112 Linden St., Cape Girardeau: A 46-bed facility for alcoholics and drug addicts. Gibson offers 30-day residential treatment and five-day detoxification programs for men and women.

* Teen Challenge, 303 MATC Lane, Cape Girardeau: A long-term education and recovery program for men with drug or alcohol problems. Teen Challenge is a religion-centered program that requires applicants to undergo a four- to six-month detoxification and induction program at another location. On Friday, Teen Challenge had a population of 104.

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