Missouri's Judas: State Senator Charles Shields blocks legislation that would protect Missouri's privacy and limited government

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Missouri State Senator Charles Shields

This just in (via a news tip) from the internet:

"Senator Charles Shields has blocked Representative Jim Guest's legislation in the Senate by not calling it out of the Rules Committee, Anti Real ID (HB361) and the 10th Amendment state sovereignty (HCR 13).

We need everybody you know to start calling and emailing all senators both republican and democrat and tell them "Representative Guest is speaking for the people and they have a right to have a vote on this legislation. The Senate has no right stopping Rep. Guest legislation to protect the citizens of the state."

For those who are not familiar with the subject at hand descriptions of the bill are provided below:

HB 361 - FEDERAL REAL ID ACT OF 2005 - Guest, Jim

House Home Page. House Bill List. HB 361. Specifies that an applicant for a driver's license, nondriver's license, or instruction permit cannot have his or her privacy rights violated when obtaining or renewing a driver's licenseSponsor:. Guest, Jim (5). Proposed Effective Date:. 08/28/2009. CoSponsor:. Nieves, Brian D


House Home Page. House Bill List. HCR 13. Claims sovereignty for the states under the Tenth Amendment of the United States Constitution for all powers not otherwise enumerated and granted to the federal government under the ConstitutionSponsor:. Guest, Jim (5). Proposed Effective Date:. 00/00/0000. CoSponsor:. Ervin, Doug

By blocking them, State Senator Charles Shields has,in essence sent a clear message to Missourians that he doesn't believe in privacy rights, limited government or Constitutional law and has branded himself as Missouri's own "Judas".

Please contact your local newspapers, radio, television and other media outlets and express support for these bills.

Please contact Missouri's State Senators and express support for these bills. For a list of Missouri's State Senators visit:


Then click on the "Senators" link on the upper left portion of the Senate home page.

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